fees & services

When considering our fees & prices please be aware, your "internet" pump or cleaner retailer is only interested in a quick sale.
- We stand by our products, work & our customers.
- We will be there to help you if something goes wrong..... Will they!?

fee structure

$95 Call out (including 15min time on site) + travel time if outside a 20min radius from Boronia
- Customers who are having regular servicing on their pools enjoy a 50% discount on call outs
- If a second visit is required to finish a job, the second visit will be a 50% call out.
$88 per hour extra time (charged in 15min blocks)


Filter media change
Changing you sand in your sand filter should be done approximately every 3-4 years. The sand you put in your filter is a coarse grade so it can grab dirty particles. After time you need to replace your sand because the sand has become smooth over the years and has lost it's ability to grab dirty particles. A sand change can be a fiddly & messy job but we can do it for you.
20" Sand $ Zeoite $400
24" Sand $ Zeolite $480
32" Sand$ Zeolite $520
+ Extra charges may apply if access is difficult due to decking or location of filter
+ Extra charges apply if the sand or filter is to be removed off site & disposed of.